About Me

I build products and lead the Platform product team at RazorpayX – a B2B neobanking and payment gateway unicorn based out of Bangalore, India.

I enjoy the creative and collaborative aspects of building things. Tech happens to be a great vent for creative expression in our times. So it’s as good as a time as ever to be doing what I do. Additionally, I find meaning in my work because believe in the power of the internet and how it can change lives.

I’ve chased several goals in life – a cricketer, a musician, a software engineer, a digital marketer, B2C Product Manager. In hindsight, these pursuits have helped me see issues from different perspectives. These perspectives might add value. I plan to write primarliy about product management, tech and the internet. But I will occasionally write about life, as I see it.

Any opinions expressed on this site are solely mine and not that of my present or past employers. I will also take the liberty to change my opinions as the facts (or my discovery of them change).

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